About Department

Address: Maironio g. 29, LT-44298 Kaunas
Room: V-213

Head of the Department: doc. dr. Algirdas Muliarčikas
Room: V-213
Tel.: (8 37) 303 647
E-mail: a.muliarcikas@mruni.eu
Office hours: Ketvirtadieniais 15.00-16.30

Scientific Teaching Staff


  • Documents Revice
  • Education of Statute (Military Science, Shooting)
  • Border Guard Tactics
  • Legal Regulation of Border Security
  • Practice
  • Forensic Medicine and First Aid
  • Self-defense
  • Frontiers institutions in Foreign Countries  (elective subject)
  • Forensic medicine and Psychiatry (elective subject)
  • Information Technology of Public Safety
  • Criminal Iintelligence
  • Legal Regulation of Migration Processes
  • State Border Guard Organization –  FINAL EXAM
  • Bachelor thesis

The Programme of Bachelor‘s Studies in Law and Police Activities
  • Information Technology of Public Safety
  • Weapons and Scooting
  • Forensic Medicine and First Aid
  • Self-defense
The Programme of Studies in Police Activities (Public Security)
  • Information Technology
  • Physical Training (elective subject selected by sports)
  • Self-defense (Combat Wrestling)
  • First Aid and Forensic medicine basics
  • Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry (elective subject)
  • Weapons and Shooting
  • Special Physical Training
  • Crisis and Control of Extreme Situations 
The Programme of Bachelor‘s Studies in Legal and Pre-trial Process
  • Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry
  • Criminal Intelligence Basics
  • Legal information database and technology
The Programme of Master‘s Studies in Law and State Border Guard
  • Investigation of Criminal Intelligence
  • Comparative Analysis of Border Protection Organization
  • Operations Planning
  • Master's thesis
  • Ateities st. 20, LT-08303 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Editor: Snieguolė Zalatorė
  • Tel.: (+370 5) 271 4739
  • E-mail: snieguole@mruni.eu
  • www.mruni.eu
  • Company VAT code: LT119517219.