Intellectual Property Law Master`s Degree Programme

Chairman of the Committee -  Prof. dr. Jūratė Usonienė

Committee members:

 Assoc. prof. Laura Gumuliauskienė;

Assoc. prof. Gediminas Sagatys;

Assoc. prof. Rytis Krasauskas;

Assoc. prof. Olga Petroševičienė;

Assoc. prof. Salvija Kavalnė;

Assoc. prof. Virginijus Bitė;

Social partners: 

Janina Stripeikienė, Judge, The Supreme Court of Lithuania,


Žilvinas Briedis, Business Law Master`s Degree  Programme, 2nd year student;

Vytautas Treigys, Law (Specialization Civil Law) Master`s Degree  Programme, 2nd year student.

Private Law (Law (Civil Law, Civil Justice), Labour And Social Security Law, Business Law, European Business Law, European And International Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Transport Law) second cycle study programme Committee contacts