Application for Admission to School of American Law Program

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Section 5. Language proficiency

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Section 6. Declaration

I apply for admission to the Chicago-Kent College of Law, School of American Law Program. I understand that the decision to offer me a place rests with the selection committee, whose decision is final. If I am offered and accept a place on the Program, I undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the program. I can confirm that all details in my application form are accurate and truthful and I hereby authorize the Program and Mykolas Romeris University to conduct a background verification check on my credentials without any required notice for use in admitting me into the Program. I understand that the program reserves the right in its absolute discretion to rescind any offers of admission or to terminate my studies before the end of the Program if there are any omissions in my application or if any of the details that I have recorded are found to be false/incorrect.
 I hereby agree to the terms of declaration

Section 7. Attachments

Please upload the following documents in PDF format: *
CV *

Motivation letter *

Language certificate proving that a student has sufficient knowledge of the English language (level B2 or above) *

Copy of Diploma or University Statement (University Statement is required only from non-graduate students studying in other universities than Mykolas Romeris University)

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