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School of American Law SAL 

For the 2015-2016 academic year School of American Law Program offers two-semester courses, minimum 120 credit hours of intensive lectures with ten courses conducted exclusively either by full-time Professors or Adjunct Professors of Chicago-Kent College of Law with global industry experience. Program study period covers September - May, 2014-2015 and learning mode is course per month covering weekends through full day workshop sessions. Please find the schedule of courses

Learning at School of American Law is in English. Thus, all applicants should be proficient in English. However, applicants are not required to submit TOEFL or LSAT score in order to start the program.  

During the learning process and upon completion of the Program, students’ evaluation shall be conducted by the Chicago-Kent College of Law lecturers based on GPA standards.  

Upon completion of the Program, the students of the School of American Law shall get the Certificate by Chicago-Kent signed by the Director of the School. 
The Program of the School of American Law can be attended by:
  • Students of MRU and other universities who completed at least two years of legal studies;
  • Graduates from MRU and other universities including lawyers who seek broad introduction to the American legal system;
  • Practitioner lawyers from any country interested in broad introduction to the American Legal System;
  • Professional translators who are specialized in legal translations.

Advantages of the School of American Law Program are as follows:

  • Fast-track and direct pathway to US LL.M. Upon completion of the program, the Program Graduate will have the opportunity to complete the International and Transnational Law LLM degree program (the LLM) in one semester instead of one Academic Year at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois, with the following conditions:  
  • Whereas the Program Graduate holds a certificate from the School, he/she may request a waiver of the TOEFL and LSAT exam;
  • The Program Graduate must meet the requirements for admission to the LLM at Chicago-Kent;
  • The Program Graduate may apply for with scholarships for the LLM program at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois.
  • SAL Program is affordable and effective. Generally one year LL.M degree program’s tuition fee at Chicago-Kent is 44 000 USD (living costs/accommodation are not included) after completion of SAL Program Chicago-Kent is offering the same only in 10 000 USD and LL.M degree will be obtained in one semester instead of one year;
  • Getting benefits from SAL Program study without leaving current jobs. During the study each student has opportunity to study without leaving working places and changing everyday lifestyle.
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