Economic and Social Impact of R&D

List of research outputs and R&D contracts with private sector entities (both Lithuanian and foreign) that had the greatest social and economic impact

  • Independent expert assessment and conclusion regarding the draft of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania No. XIIIP-787(2)
    on the Replacement of the Law No. XII-2741 on the Replacement of the Articles 4, 9 of the Law No. I-533 on the Local Self-
    Government and the Supplement of this Law by the Article 91. (Expert Assessement)
  • Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities, Lithuanian EU Presidency`s Conference, Grant Agreement No. 341380. (More info)
  • Integrated Transformation of E-Health Development: The Perspective of the Stakeholders Network. EU Structural Funds,
    2007-2013 Operational Program for the Development of Human Resources, VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K Support for Research
    Activities of Researchers and Other Researchers (Global Grant). Duration: 2012-2015. (e-Health Platform)
  • Inclusion: Involvement of Associated Groups and Their Ability to Involve in Public Management Processes. Grant agreement
    No. MIP-096/2014. (A monograph where project results published)
  • Enhancing University Atonomy in Moldova/EUNIAM, Grant Agreement No. 530740-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-DK-TEMPUS-SMGR.
    Duration: 2012 - 2015. (More info)

List of the most important cases of participation of researchers, representing the Faculty of Public Governance, in working groups or commissions set up by state authorities, state and municipal institutions, organisations and business entities

  • Rima Urbonaitė - Member of Judges' Selection Committee. Task - to select judges.
    The Commitee of Judges' acts with the provisions of Article 551 of the Law on Courts, the purpose of which is to assist the President of the Republic in the selection of the most suitable candidates for the office of chairmen, judges, chairmen, vice chairmen of the courts. (Additional info)
  • prof. dr. Vainius Smalskys - Member of the college of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.
    The college is an advisory body of the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, which, when the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, on the basis of the Government's priorities, is considering and proposing to the Minister the implementation of the Government's priorities and the setting of priorities and priorities of the Minister, discusses and submits proposals to the Minister on strategic plans of management, the annual strategic reports of the institutions operating in the field of ministerial management, the annual activity reports of the institutions operating in the ministry and the ministry of management, and other issues raised by the minister. (Additioal info)
  • prof. dr. Danguolė Jankauskienė - EU member of the EU working group on social protection and social inclusion strategies and Lithuania's position on EU social inclusion and social protection indicators, EU Strategy on Social Protection and Social Inclusion and the position of Lithuania on the harmonization and presentation of EU social inclusion and social protection indicators EU working group. (Additional info)
  • Algirdas Astrauskas - Improvement of public sector audit system (member of the working group), the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. (Additional info)
  • Andrius Bielskis - Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Republic Government. (Additional info)

List of consultations provided by the Faculty of Public Gvernance to the public or economic entities

  • Andrius Stasiukynas; Mantas Bileišis; Jolanta, Urbanovič, Barbara, Stankėvič; Aldona, Jociūtė.
    Title of consultation - Social Value Created by Young Non-Governmental Organizations.
    Object of consultation - Non-Governmental Organizations development.
  • Andrius, Stasiukynas.
    Title of consultation - Youth improvement in Trakai Region, Kaunas District and Kaunas City Municipalities.
    Object of consultation - Improvement of youth situation.
  • Andrius, Stasiukynas; Tadas, Sudnickas; Andrius, Valickas; Vainius, Smalskys; Algirdas, Astrauskas; Mantas, Bileišis.
    Title of consultation - Research on Organizational Culture and Staff Regulations, Motivation and Interaction of Jonava District Municipality Administration.
    Object of consultation - Municipal administration performance improvement.
  • Arvydas Survila.
    Title of consultation - Remarks and recommendations for the Parliamentary Committee on State Management and Municipalities regarding amendment of National Security Strategy.
    Object of consultation - National Security Strategy.
  • Andrius, Stasiukynas; Algirdas, Monkevičius; Tadas, Sudnickas; Andrius, Valickas; Vainius, Smalskys; Mantas, Bileišis.
    Title of consultation - Scientific insights to Public Sector Report 2014.
    Object of consultation - Public governance improvement, the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.

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