Information for Current Studens

Formal Requirements of Bachelor Thesis


Bachelor thesis defense shall be held during 6-10 January, 2020. 

Consist of the qualifying commision 

Upon approval by the supervisor, the final Thesis must be submitted to the Student Manager of the Faculty of Public Governance - Rima Marytė Tumėnienė, until 6 December, 2019.


Requirements for Thesis submission:

  • There are 2 printed copies (wrapped in a spiral and withsoft cover)) of your Thesis. Both copies of Thesis must be signed by the student himself, his supervisor and the consultant (if the student had it). On the main pages you need to write the Institute of Leadership and Strategic Management;
  • Electronic versions of the Thesis can not be different from printed ones;
  • Enclose the Declaration of Independence to the Thesis
  • Upon approval by the supervisor of the final Thesis, the student must upload his final Thesis to the IS study system no later than 10 working days before the defense (until 10 December, 2019).
  • The student's email address must be clearly marked on the inside of the back cover of the Thesis! A review will be sent to your submitted email (no later than two days before the defense).
  • A few days after submitting the Thesis, check in the study book whether the topic in Lithuanian and English has been correctly introduced.
  • After registering all Thesis in the Institute, the defense schedule will be prepared. It will be posted on the Institute's website.
  • Non-compliant Thesis will not be accepted.

Good luck!
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