Graduating & Heading to Morocco, Student Says MRU Expanded Her Horizons

Globetrotting Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Public Administration student Monika Kinčiūtė has been able to combine studies with her love of travel, different cultures and flair for languages.

After graduation on Jan. 29th, she plans to vacation in Marrakesh, a graduation present from her parents. Later this year she will travel to Canada.

Months before graduation, in October, she returned from a 4-month stay in the U.S. (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware) where she worked and had the opportunity to visit different parts of the U.S.

Always an avid traveler, she is excited about her upcoming trip to Morocco. Monika said she longs to visit the desert. Besides her birthday is in March and the 22-year-old is planning to spend it abroad.

Further studies are in her plans. She would like to pursue Master's Degree studies, possibly in the U.S. in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, or Washington, D.C.

"I loved Miami most of all," she said of her time in the U.S. because of the warm weather. But it was also good to visit and spend time in New York. she added.

"You get up in the morning, have your coffee and you know you are drinking coffee in New York," she said.

Later this year she will go to Canada because she won a Canadian visa in a lottery allowing her a 1-year stay.

For now, when not studying for exams, she has been working in a Vilnius cafe to save up money for further travels.

She spent an Erasmus exchange semester as a student in 2012 at Spain's University of Granada. It gave her the opportunity to immerse herself in Spanish and learn enough to listen to lectures and take exams in Spanish. Courses included Spain's Political System and Labour Law.

"I wasn't the smartest kid in the class in high school," she said.

"MRU expanded my horizons and opened my eyes towards the world," she explained and that made her a better student with a goal "to work towards."

And the Erasmus exchange programme provided opportunities to study, meet new friends abroad and travel at the same time. It also helped her perfect her knowledge of Spanish, use English as she traveled throughout Europe. Monika studied some French as well.

Just recently she successfully completed her Bachelor's final paper at MRU titled, "e-Signature in the Public Sector." She scored a perfect 10, making her only one of 19 students of the 174 at the Faculty of Politics and Management to do so.

Aside from the U.S., Monika has also lived and worked in Greece and visited many European countries including Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Belarus, and of course, Spain.

But, it's just the beginning. She has many more journeys and trips planned in the future.

Photographs by Snieguolė Zalatorė