Information for Current Students


Master theses defense in Spring semester 2019/2020 shall be held on 11 - 24 May, 2020.

Bachelor theses defense in Spring semester 2019/2020 shall be held on 25-31 May, 2020.

  • The deadline for submitting printed Master theses to the Faculty (room V-419) is (date), 2020, and Bachelor theses have to be submitted by (date), 2020. 
  • The final Master theses should be sent to the supervisor for the final comments by 11 April, 2020, and Bachelor theses - by 25 April, 2020. 

Requirements for Thesis submission:

  • Before submitting 2 printed copies (bound spiral or hard cover) of your Thesis to the Faculty, upload your Thesis to the IS "Studies" (in pdf format). Instructions here;
  • Thesis has to be signed by the student on the second title page (supervisor's signature is not necessary as the supervisor checks permission to defend on the system);
  • Enclose the Declaration of Independence  to the Thesis (preferably insert it in the thesis as a final page);
  • Please, make sure you have a Lithuanian translation of your thesis title, if there is no Lithuanian title, where the Lithuanian translation of the thesis summary or abstract is written, then insert a separate sheet of paper with Your name, correct Thesis title in English and Lithuanian;
  • Note: the title of the Faculty has changed, so please, make corrections on the title pages to "The Faculty of Economics and Business" (no institutes or departments remain).

Guidelines for writing Master Thesis (approved by the Faculty of Economics and Business) 

Guidelines for writing Bahelor Thesis (approved by the Faculty of Economics and Business)


Please, contact the head of Marketing and Admission Department Saulius Bugailiškis C-II-201 room, (8 5) 2714581 sbugail@mruni.eu, regarding the collection of your diplomas from Middlesex University.


Academic staff of the Faculty

Office hours of lecturers of the Faculty of Economics and Business, 2019/2020 Autumn semester

Application form (To: Dean)

Application form (To: Rector)

The Practical training regulations for students of Mykolas Romeris University, templates of practical training agreement and the practical training reporting sheet


Full-time students (Lithuanian and/or Russian-speaking) should address Ramunė Budrienė regarding their study matters: e-mail: ramunebudriene@mruni.eu; phone: +370 5 2714552, room C-IV-311

Part-time students should address Giedrutė Redeckienė: e-mail giedra@mruni.eu; phone +370 5 2714507; room C-IV-310  

Erasmus students and English-speaking (only) students should contact vice-dean of the Faculty, prof. dr. Irmantas Rotomskis: e-mail: irotom@mruni.eu; phone +370 5 2714657, room C-V-420 or senior manager of the Faculty, Giedrė Kaušienė: e-mail: evf@mruni.eu; phone +370 5 2714651, room C-V-419

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