Fields of Research

Council of the Faculty of Economics and Business approved scientific research fields of the Faculty on 21 August 2018 under the decree No. 1EV-13

Faculty’s scientific research fields were formulated considering the tasks set in Mykolas Romeris University’s strategic activity plan of 2016-2021.


1.1.   Research on the economic safety

1.1.1. New economic idea in a constantly changing system of values. Research on correlation of the shifts in economic and financial paradigms with changes in values. Research on the management of changes. Economic research on modern economic theories, shifts in their methodologies, and social networks.

1.1.2. Research on theories and methodologies of the economic safety. Research on economic safety in separate countries at macro, mezzo and micro levels. Research on factors of the economic safety. Research on economic safety in separate sectors of economy. Research on links between economic and social safety. Research on the impact of economic safety to the development of economy in countries and regions.

1.1.3. Research on shadow economy. Research on shadow economy theories and assessment methodologies. Research on the level and factors determining shadow economy in separate countries. Research on digital shadow economy. Research on the impact of shadow economy to the economic development in countries and regions.

1.1.4. Research on cyber security. Research on privacy and data protection in cyberspace. Research on cyber security management. Research on safety and data privacy right among countries and economic sectors. Research on personal identity and identity data management. Research on electronic crimes. Program and information protection and quality assurance research. Network security research.

1.2.   Research on welfare economics

1.2.1. Research on life quality theories and assessment methodologies. Research on human physical and psychological health and society’s demographic situation. Research on residents’ material well-being, life satisfaction and happiness. Research on education, culture and moral-spiritual values in the context of life quality.

1.2.2. Research on the interrelation of quality of life and macroeconomic factors. Research on social-economic inequality. Research on the European Union’s social and economic linkage in the context of life quality.




2.1.   Financial system’s theoretical and methodological research. Research on the structure of financial system. Research on the linkage of financial system and economic safety. Financial security research. Research on the stability of financial system. Research on the stability of separate financial system sectors. Research on the impact of public finances to country’s economic security. Research on the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on society‘s economic and social security.

2.2.   Research on financial markets. Research on the stability of financial markets.  Research on separate countries’ financial markets. Research on the impact of financial markets to country‘s economic growth. Research on innovative financial markets. Factors of innovative financial markets’ development. Cryptocurrency markets research. Research on the impact of cryptocurrency markets to financial systems of individual countries. Research on cryptocurrency markets’ impact to country‘s economic security.



3.1.   Research on business systems’ innovations and innovative business models. Research on business systems’ value to economic development. Research on network economics.  Research on innovative economics. Research on the innovative business environment. Establishment of competitive business models, based on the application of digital technologies in each company‘s activity. Research on organizational culture, oriented towards generating and implementing innovative ideas in business companies. Research on innovative goods or services in the context of identifying consumers’ needs. Research on application possibilities of finance and payments innovations in business enterprises.

3.2.   Virtual environment for sustainable business and entrepreneurship – research on competitiveness and innovative digital business environment and perspective tendencies. Theoretical and practical application of virtual mass media to creation and development of smart cities and ecological economy. Research on value chains and processes in virtual environment.

3.3.   Creation of production, computer games and mobile programmes – production and application of models in various circumstances, implemented with reference to biological, social and psychological factors. Projection of applied research methods in education science. Creation and improvement of management tools designed for organizations, including production elements, in order to assure smooth management of processes. Research on game impact to social environment. Research on strategies of games and mobile programmes. Research on consumers’ inclusion to game creation industry. From console to smart phone: analysis of worldwide scientific research, ecosystems of appliances and their extras.

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