Whither Our Economies

November 16-17, 2011

ISSN (online) 2029-8501

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    Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
    Faculty of Business and Management
    Faculty of Management

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  • Business Development, Business System Economics and Management

  • Financial Market, Finance Management

  • Economic Development, International Trade

All papers are peer reviewed.

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SESSIONS – Business Development; Business System Economics and Management 
Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference are available on Business Source Corporate Plus DB.

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  1. Dušan Baran “Commodities Market Development”
  2. Dagmar Čámská “Economic Evaluation Of Projects Co Financed From The European Funds”
  3. Tatiana Corejova, Lubomir Bombala “On The Motivational Accent In The Management Activities In Condition Of ICT Companies”
  4. Aldona Damulienė “INBOUND Tourism In Lithuania: Analysis And Trends Of Development”
  5. Arta Denina, Janis Zvanitajs “Assessment Of Efficiency Of The Support Mechanism For Electricity Generation From Renewable Energy Sources In Latvia”
  6. Karel Doubravský, Radek Doskočil “Effects Of Change In Variance Activities When Computing Critically Node Using The Pert Method”
  7. Jiří Kotáb “Facebook As Supplementary Communication Tool Of Czech Football And Hockey Clubs”
  8. Miloš Koch “Verification Of Information System Weak Points In The Security Area”
  9. Alena Kocmanová, Petr Němeček „The Use Of  Theoretical  Modelling Of The Environmental, Social And Corporate Governance (ESG) Performance Indicators“
  10. Nana Akhalaia, Nino Liparteliani “Free Economic Zones In The World And Initiatives Of Georgia”
  11. Tetyana Mazylo, Dmytro Lukin “Strategic Approach To Sales Human Resources Management Of Ukrainian Commercial Bank In Conditions Of Crisis”
  12. František Milichovský, Iveta Šimberová “Signification Of Marketing Effectiveness In Industry”
  13. Nino Paresashvili ,Irine Maisuradze,  Ivane Javakhishvili “Main Aspects Of Risks Administration In The Project Adjustment Process”
  14. Monika Rolkova, Viera Farkasova ”Delegation Versus Empowerment In Managing Employee”
  15. Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas “The Core Principles Of Studies Programs – A Means To Match The Interests Of Participants Of Studies Process And To Stimulate Interaction Between Science And Studies”
  16. Deniss Ščeulovs “Social Networks For Business: Case Of Latvia”
  17. Petra Smakalova, Iveta Simberova “Stakeholder Approach In Marketing Strategy”
  18. Tatjana Staube, Ineta Geipele “The Latvian Large-Scale Shopping Centers Development Perspectives”
  19. Lucie Sychrová “Aspects Of Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of The Czech Construction Industry Due To The Life Cycle”

  1. Girius Jasinavičius, Rimvydas Jasinavičius “Influence Of Stock-Keeping-Units Distribution Within Supply Chain On The Profitability Of The System As A Whole”
  2. Larisa Takalandze “Corporative Management In Georgian Companies (Example Of JSC“Tbilaviamsheni”)"
SESSIONS – Financial Markets; Finance Management 
Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference are available on Business Source Corporate Plus DB.

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  1. George Abuselidze “The Prospects Of Budget Revenue In The Aspect Of Optimal Tax Burden”
  2. Jana Erina, Natalja Lace “CUSTOMER Capital – An Important Factor For Commercial Banks”
  3. Pavel Herzka, Monika Zatrochova “The present state and conditions of the banking system in the Slovak Republic”
  4. Rimvydas Jasinavičius, Vidmantas Ganiprauskas “The Impact Of Household Lending And Government Debt Instruments On The Lithuania‘S Economic Welfare”
  5. Josef Krause “Impact Of Selected Factors Of The Strategic Management On Enterprise Value”
  6. Kristina Levišauskaitė, Jekaterina Kartašova “Influence Of Individual Investors' Specialty To Their Decision Making In The Financial Market”
  7. Eugenija Martinaitytė, Kristina Kvedaraitė “The Increasing Role of the Banking in Predicting Economic Uncertainty”
  8. Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas, Indrė Lapinskaitė, Viktorija Stasytytė “A Portfolio of Business Intelligence Assets as a Means to Perceive and Manage Integral Business Intelligence”
SESSIONS – Economic Development; International Trade 
Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference are available on Business Source Corporate Plus DB.

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  1. Armands Auziņš, Jānis Vanags “Conceptual Framework Of The Sustainable Land Management”
  2. Astra Auzina “Evaluation Of Manufacturing Dynamics And Structural Changes Of The Eu In 2008-2011”
  3. Gediminas Davulis “Comparative Analysis Of Macroeconomics Processes In The Baltic Countries During The Global Crisis”
  4. Ioseb Masurashvili “Development Of Competitiveness Of Georgia Economy”
  5. Jan Luhan, Veronika Novotná, Vladěna Obrová “ICT Development And Its Effect On Gdp In The Czech Republic Regions”
  6. Tomas Pavelka “The Impact Of The Recent Economic Recession On The Long-Term Unemployment In The European Union”
  7. Vladimir Shatrevich “Production Branch Development And Government’s Economic Policy”
  8. Nikolajus Markevičius, Viktoras Justickis “ Whither Lithuanian Economy?Balanced Outcome Of Its Progresses And Regresses”
  9. Arseny Tarabanov “Economic Expectations In Russia After 1990th And Results Of 2011th”


  1. Badyrchan Dadashev, Viktor Gordienko “Euroregional Co-Operation Of Ukraine In The Age Of Globalization”
  2. Elvan Özdemir "The Perception of Turkish Foreign Policy in Neighbouring Countries of Turkey"
  3. Eban Arikan "Two Good Neighbours: EU and Mediterranean"
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