Research Area

 Main research topics:

  • Economic competitiveness , entrepreneurship, social and intellectual capital development through knowledge and convergence of technologies
  • Cyberspace and new technologies , the legal regulation
  • Socio - legal aspects of new technologies and the application of technology in the legal system
  • E-government and e- democracy
  • Electronic and technology based business models and their features
  • Technological development and corporate strategic management
  • Technological innovation , scientific and business cooperation , technology transferIntellectual property development and commercialization , innovation promotion and socio - legal aspects of  technological competence clusters and public policy
  • Technological communication and new media
  • Knowledge- based communities and fostering economic
  • Electronic and technology-based strategic management of change technological entrepreneurship
  • Electronic money and alternative payment systems
  • Cybercrime
  • Electronic security systems
  • Business management information systems and technology infrastructure of comparative studies.
  • Artificial intelligence techniques applied research and knowledge management components of the integration of decision support systems in some of these systems are advisory, services, systems providing a dynamic process (dangerous goods in transportation , intelligent management of the living environment, the disabled status identification and management).
  • Sustainable development and risk components methods , monitoring systems , and data analysis techniques.
  • Development of economic competitiveness, entrepreneurship, social and intellectual capital through knowledge and technology convergence