The grant for research on the influence of social technologies received


A group of scientists led by dean of faculty of Social Technologies prof. Dr. Aelita Skaržauskienė received a national grant for research on the influence of social technologies on the development of collective intelligence in networked society. Project will be funded from EU program Human Resources Development Operational Programme priority Strengthening of capacities of researchers and scientists.

The idea of research reflects the recommendations of Commission set out in 2013 in document "Information and communication technology development”. There is a great demand of scientifically-based evidences on social technologies impact on the development of policies to promote economic development and positive social change. The purpose of the project is to offer managerial, organizational and legal decisions and measures that stimulate and support innovative technology-based social networks (platforms) for the development and promotion of collective intelligence (CI) and awareness of modern society to implement successful social changes in the networked society.

The project will establish a conceptual computer-based dynamic model of collective intelligence (CI) systems, which systematic approach will help to understand the operations and characteristics of the collective intelligence, to develop the process and create a CI index calculation methodology, based on the project conducted quantitative and qualitative empirical and experimental research. As a result of the project there will be created a virtual scientific platform, which will be adapted to the collective intelligence monitoring techniques, and will help to ensure the continuity of the research, compilation of scientific evidence about the collective intelligence and social innovation and it’s potential to address complex social problems in society.