LATINA POST IT trainings at MRU

Oslo and Akershus University College in partnership with Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania is organizing "LATINA - The Post-IT“ Library" seminars and workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania from May 22 to June 1, 2013. 
The target group of "LATINA - The Post-IT Library" are researchers, teachers, students and librarians. LATINA is an acronym for "Learning And Teaching IN A digital world". We have added "Post-IT" to the title to indicate that most of the "new" information technologies are now taken for granted. It is so cheap and ubiquitous that virtually everybody use it in some way or other,- but not always in sufficiently critical and qualified ways. We also believe that producing content in-house and make it available (retrievable) for users both inside and outside the institution will play an increasing role. For this reason it is said that libraries are going from a logic based on acquisition "outside-in" to production "inside-out", This is valid not only for researchers but also for teachers, students - and librarians! Hence the "Post-IT" label.

The first part of this initiative is the "LATINA Post-IT" seminar and workshop in Vilnius in late May this year. We will welcome participants from Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, China, Uganda as well as a group of librarians and researchers from Lithuania.

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