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Brexit, Trump and Other Challenges the EU Faces. A Report from Brussels
The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU, the precarious security situation, the growing danger of US isolationism and further challenges Europe is confronted with were discussed in depth during the visit of a group of Lithuanian academic EU experts to Brussels.  The visit took place on April 11-13th and was organized by the European Commission Representation in Vilnius, Lithuania.  
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Virgis Valentinavičius, head of the Institute of Communication at MRU, a participant of the group, believes that organizers of the visit succeeded in engaging high-placed quality speakers from the European Commission, including Mr. Telmo Baltazar, a member of the Cabinet of EC President Jean-Claude Juncker; Mr. Stefaan De Rynck, head of communication of the Brexit Negotiation Task Force, led by Michel Barnier; and Mr. Jesús Carmona Nunez, head of the Citizens’ Policies Unit.
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Lille university students starts internship for organization of summer school
From 16th of April, 2018 we welcome Lucile Brohet, student of Lille University, France. Lucile is currently doing a degree in Business and Foreign Languages (3rd year). Her dream is to specialize in international relations and intercultural cooperation. After internship she plan to continue her studies in master at the above mentioned field. Besides her studies, she work at the university as library assistant. This work experience bring her new valuable skills every day. Thanks to which she is able to work under pressure and become a good team player. Lucile will do two and a half month internship at MRU during which her main responsibility will be managing summer school "Science and Art of Communication". Her organizational skills, wish to help people and determination to give her best to carry out projects from start to finish made her our choice for internship at MRU IC. For more information on summer school she organizes please check