MRU experts portal PURE

MRU Researchers' PURE Portal includes researchers' profiles created by importing multifunctional open (online) files, publications from Elseviers‘ Scopus database and other sources. PURE can identify project funding opportunities and partners using multi-search tool Elsevier Fingerprint.

Pure provides a hosted, ready-to-use, centralized expertise profiling and research networking solution that can:

Capture and structure your researcher’s CV data
Pre-populated with deep publications from Elsevier’s Scopus, all with minimal implementation and maintenance requirements from the customer. Import data from multiple online sources, including funding and awarded grant information and manually include content not covered by traditional A&I databases such as projects, applications, equipment, press clippings. Workflows for data validation and control ensure information is deduplicated, accurate, authoritative and complete, essential for strategic evidence based decision making. Reduce the administrative burden - data entered once can be reused for multiple purposes.

Identify funding opportunities, expertise and collaborative partners
Identify expertise within your institution and across organizations through multiple search options using the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine™. Enable funding opportunity discovery through automated matches to your researcher’s personal Fingerprints, then track and monitor the process.

Report on the reliable, validated content captured in Pure
Generate and distribute validated internal intelligence on all data captured in Pure to accelerate promotion and tenure evaluations, departmental and institutional assessments, and other vital requirements.

Analyse the progress of your research teams or departments
View progress at a glance of key milestones through Pure’s powerful dashboards. Define performance objectives for any research team or department – including Snowball Metrics – then track their progress. Monitor publication trends (total, publications per FTE etc.), citation trends (total, citations per FTE etc.), collaboration patterns, top journal titles / researchers / h-indices and more. Drill down to person- or project-level detail, and click to generate instant progress reports for managers, department heads, or other Pure users.

Highlight your researcher’s accomplishments
Display to both the internal and external research communities via the Pure Experts Portal and flexible CV creation capabilities. Get an institutional, departmental or personal overview and view details such as the Fingerprints, publications, collaborations and Altmetrics.

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