Research Priorities

Main research priorities:

  • Society of late modernity and change
    topics: changes and transformations; social mobility; post-modernity; globalisation; IT penetration into social behaviour; individualism; individual life course; life style / way
  • Capitals and identities
    topics: social capital; social networks; economic capital; cultural capital; intellectual capital; human resources; symbolic capital; social identity
  • Population and demographic behaviour
    topics: family conception, formation and practices; fertility, children and childhood; parenthood, motherhood and fatherhood; elderly and ageing; death and mortality; migration
  • Social welfare and it’s policy
    topics: social stratification; social inequality; vulnerability; social risks; social exclusion; social inclusion; integration; cohesion; solidarity; social policy; labour market policy and employment; social protection; welfare state; welfare society
  • Methodology and methods of sociological research
    topics: quantitative research; qualitative research; comparative research; public opinion surveys; market research