Research Priorities

  • Development apects of the state under the rule of law: constitutional justice,  evolution of constitutional law doctrine, administrative legal regulation, public administration system, state responsibility, etc..
  •  Determinants of justice and efective justice: legislative policy and justice implementation policy and its impact on the state development, the right to judicial protection, e-justice and the quality of justice implementation, application of the law, restorative justice, administrative, criminal and civil procedure, insolvency proceedingsi, criminal justice, defense of public interest, judicial cooperation, state-guaranteed legal aid, effectiveness of judicial systems, enforcement of court judgments, application of the principle of mutual recognition, administrative, civil liability, fair business, etc..
  •  Change and internationalization of business legal environment under the influence of globalization: civil law, contract law, business law, creating of better business environment, administrative legal regulation of business, consumer protection, competition policy, application of competition law, inpact of competition on economic development, impact of globalization on the financial sector, etc..
  •  Correlation of social justice, social responsibility and harmonization of different interests in the state under the rule of law: the transformation of social justice, labor law, flexicurity, social security law and pension systems, social business, corporate social responsibility, research on social content and form of family relationships, etc..

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