Social Technology Management (Graduate)

→ Heads About the Programme

• Lecturer, Dr. Gintarė Žemaitaitienė
We would like to invite you to interdisciplinary studies, combining social science (management) and technological aspects of contemporary management environment. Graduates of this programme are new type of professionals having skills and competencies to deal with the latest digital computer technology, as well as the social sciences and technology. This is fully implemented by the structure of curriculum: the balance of management, related social sciences and IT related subject is maintained. This Master's study programme is the only one in Lithuania, encompassing technological features in management and entrepreneurship studies. Students are introduced to a wide range of different technologies and ways to use them in practical sphere. To fulfil this purpose, the newest scientific literature, cases and other teaching material is used. In order to introduce the latest achievements, both in science and practice, we invite visiting lectures from Lithuania and abroad to participate in the process. Students are also invited to international conferences and workshops, included in different exchange programmes and invited to participate in Summer schools.

→ Strengths

• Two diplomas from European Universities : Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) and Fernando Pessoa University, Porto (Portugal)
• Development of Practical Management Skills

→ Characteristics

Locale : Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius Lithuania and, Fernando Pessoa University (one semester)
Field : Management
• Tuition fees : at Mykolas Romeris University for non-EU citizen - 3120 EUR per year ; for EU citizens – 2240 EUR per year
Duration : 2 years
Credits : 120 ECTS
Language : English

→ Content of Lectures


      •First year

       •Second year

Autumn Semester

Creative Industries

Digital and Social Marketing

Leadership and Management in Knowledge Society

Ecodesign and Strategies for Networked Organizations

Postmodern Philosophy

Master Thesis

Social Anthropology

Risk Management for Mega Events

Social Software and Cloud Internet

(optional) Cluster Development Technologies


(optional) New Technologies and Management of Social Innovations

Spring Semester

Globalization and Competition


Management Games

Master’s Thesis

Master Thesis and Methodological Seminars


Psycholosociology of Conflict Negotiation and Mediation


Quality Management


→ Job Opportunities

Management of socio-cultural transformations. Preparation and implementation of social projects. Social and economic development of regions. Management of social capital in organisations, technological impact analysis, application of social software. Work in national and international business, traditional and networked organisations.

→ Entry Requirements

Degrees : Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent first university degree (3-year study duration minimum). Basic knowledge in management (if not, bridging courses of the subjects during master study cycle)
• English level : At least a B2 level of English proven by a certification (IELTS or TOEFL) : the certification can be organized by long distance

→ Students About the Programme

• Keisha LaRaine Ingram, Graduate from Jamaica :
MRU students benefit from studying at one of the most dynamic research institutions, where the faculty dedicates their time and energy to teach and mentor. From seminars to major theses, the faculty staff is friendly and always available to students outside the classroom for individual conferences and informal conversations. Visitors and prospective MRU students are often impressed with the modern facilities of the University and the natural beauty of the surrounding campus grounds.
MRU University’s academic community is further enriched by the wide variety of experiences and perspectives of its students, faculty and staff. As a student, the study curriculum is designed to encourage students to explore and develop a deeper understanding of how Social Technologies Management can be applied to develop new and emerging technologies while transforming students into innovative thinkers and high class management specialist.

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