International and Intercultural communication (double degree option at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

→ Head About the Programme:

 • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gintarė Žemaitaitienė, Vice-Dean of the Institute of Communication:
We would like to invite you to interdisciplinary studies, combining social sciences (communication, politics, regional studies) and humanities (philology and ethnology) for development of the best-qualified multicultural media communication specialists. Also, this programme is the only Bachelor’s degree study programme in Lithuania, which encompasses internationality and interculturalism in such a unique way of studies. Students are introduced to a wide range of different media technologies and ways to use them. To fulfil, this purpose, the newest scientific literature, cases and other teaching material are used. To keep up to date with both science and practice, we invite Visiting Lecturers from Lithuania and other countries to share their experience. Students are also invited to international conferences and workshops, different exchange programmes or summer schools.

→ Strengths

Double Degree Option: With Kiel University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
• Open-minded Programme: Skilled Lecturers from different countries, International conferences and workshops
• International Mobility Possibilities: The 2nd and 3rd year students can participate in ERASMUS+ mobility programme which allows for study at a university abroad for 1 or 2 semesters and do internship in another country.

→ Characteristics

Locale: Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania
Field: Communication
Duration: 3 years
Credits: 180 ECTS
Language: English

→ Content of Lectures


      •First year

      •Second year

      •Third year

Autumn Semester

Basics of Intercultural Communication

Digital Content and Computer Graphics

Image Management

Communication Theory Basics

Integrated Project


Introduction to Studies

International Organisations and International Communication

American Studies


New Media Communication

Information Crisis Management

Professional Foreign Language (English / French / German)

Second Foreign Language A2

Third Foreign Language (A1)




Spring Semester

Basics of Public Relations

Ethics and Law Communication

Bachelor Thesis

International Relations and Diplomacy

Gamification Methods and Technologies

Elective Study Subject

Introduction to Studies

Introduction to Research Methodology

Business Communication and Negotiation

Professional Foreign Language (English / French / German)

Second Foreign Language (A2 – B1)

European Union Studies

Public Sphere and its Actors

Term Paper

Introduction to Project Management and Communication

Second Foreign Language A1



→ Job Opportunities

Graduates will become broad-minded and highly qualified specialists, who will be able to adapt perfectly, not only to Lithuania's rapidly changing labour market, but also to the challenges of the globalised world. They can work as mid-level professionals in the public or private sector and non-governmental organisations, create their own companies or pursue a career in international organisations. They will be able to continue their studies in various fields of graduate studies.
Examples from previous graduated: Public Relation Specialist, Communication Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Project Manager, International Marketing Specialists

→ Entry Requirements

Degrees: Secondary education (grade history / foreign language)
• English level: At least a B1 level of English, proven by a certification (IELTS or TOEFL) : the certification can be organized by long distance

→Student Experiences

• Aura Greičiūtė, Graduate from Lithuania, Currently working at the International Admission Office of MRU :
International and Intercultural Communication at Mykolas Romeris University is a perfect programme for students who are active and can‘t decide the clear sphere of their future job. It is focused on learning new languages and includes all at once: Politics, Journalism, Tourism, and even Public Relation Sphere. As the studies are so diversified there are bigger chances to catch something you like the most and at which you are the best. It also gives important opportunities like for my internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, or when I went to Spain for an Erasmus Traineeship. I learnt a lot about cultural differences and it allowed me to become more self-confident.
The University itself has a wide sphere of organisations (debates clubs, student association, Erasmus Student Network) where you can try and gain all the competences needed for future communication specialist. Courses which I liked the most were Spanish, Religious Studies and Creative Industry Classes.
• Prince Kwesi Asihene, Student from Ghana:
Lithuania to me, is a very welcoming and awesome country full of opportunities and with an interesting culture and a friendly atmosphere. Economically, the standard of living is quite moderated, and cost of things is very affordable. I am easily adjusting here – attended interesting places and can continue my hobby as DJ in pubs of Vilnius. The programme of International and Intercultural communication is really exciting and very relevant for my future job prospect. Most of the professors are experts on breaking down topics to the understanding of students. The flow of Information and Communication among teachers and students is perfect. There is also a great teacher-students relationship. Furthermore, the flow of Information from the International Office to International Student is awesome. I am grateful to the office for their good work by constantly emailing and feeding students with vital messages. Briefly, my living here in Lithuania is very great, environment friendly, quality education and I am having a good time.
  • Mohammad Osman Yakqbi, Student from Afghanistan :
I came to Lithuania in 2017, to me it is a lovely and amazing country, the country is so green, and a lot of its surface is mostly forests. Vilnius is my favorite place to visit and I do recommend my friend from the EU and Afghanistan to visit this beautiful country and meet with great and educated people. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) for their generosity in providing scholarship assistance to me at MRU University, in Vilnius Lithuania. This kindness from MRU does not only allow me to continue with my valuable study of the International and Intercultural Communication, but it also sets an example of the humanitarian help, which I hope to emulate in my daily life, both inside and outside the walls of the university. It is mentionable how wonderful Professors we have at the university are and they share their wisdom with us. It’s impossible to compare education system of my country with Lithuania particularly MRU University. Thank you for planting these generous seeds for new generation locally and Internationally.

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