• MRU for Independent, Specialized Higher Education Path

    October 9th, 2017, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) informed the Ministry of Education and Science about its decision to implement the concept of an independent institution of higher education.

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  • frontex-studentu-grupe-0514

    Joint Strategic Border Management Programme Kicked Off at MRU

    October 2nd, 2017, the joint Master's Degree programme, "Strategic Border Management" 1st module, kicked off at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU). There are 26 high-level police and border guard institution representatives participating, students from 14 European Union (EU) and international organisations such as Frontex and Europol. The programme was initiated and financed by the EU agency Frontex, which noted that not one EU member country had a specialised Master's Degree programme.

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  • lecture-one-asia-community-by-mr-yoji-sato-0690

    One Asia Foundation Chairman Yoji Sato Lectured on Oct. 5th

    Oct. 5th, 2017, Yoji Sato, founder and chairman of One Asia Foundation, presented a lecture, "One Asia Community." He discussed the need to overcome "walls" and to have peace endure throughout the world.

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  • 20170926125626

    Erasmus Students Taught at Utena & Alanta Gymnasiums on Language Day

    Sept. 26th, 2017, marking the European Day of Languages, a group of lecturers and two Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Erasmus students studying in France and Italy discussed culture, stereotypes and traditions in Italy and France. The visit included stops at the Utena Adolfo Šapokos and Molėtų regional Alanta Gymnasium.

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  • imgp6216

    Senate Chairman Prof. Smalskys: Internationalisation Key at MRU

    Last week, the new Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Senate Chairman - Prof. Vainius Smalskys was elected. He emphasised that MRU stands out from other universities in Lithuania due to its close cooperation with European and Asian institutions of higher education. The Senate should continue to support the University's efforts to strengthen the Eastern Partnership studies' programmes with Ukraine, Caucasus region universities, he said.

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  • 215865031630032093714723213029033617319328o

    Korea's Dongseo Univ & MRU Team Were at GameOn

    Sept. 16th-17th, 2017, a joint MRU, Korea's Dongseo University (DSU) and Ajou University Team participated in the largest Baltic region gaming event, "GameOn 2017" which was held at the LITEXPO Centre in Vilnius. DSU and MRU now implement two joint studies programmes, the Bachelor's Degree "Informatics & Digital Contents" and the graduate programme, "Informatics and Visual Contents."

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  • 2112578114928201741349164050232772776654190o

    MRU's Gulevičiūtė - Google Adwords Lecturer, Taught in Istanbul

    July 31st - August 12th, 2017, MRU Communication Institute, Google Adwords Lecturer Gintarė Gulevičiūtė taught at Istanbul's Aydin University Summer School. Gulevičiūtė is the only Google Adwords certified lecturer at MRU. Previously in China, now in Turkey, she has been teaching Communication and marketing students during part of the Summer break.

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  • alkoholis-madazala-ar-butinibe-0115

    Conference on Alcoholism: Harm, Necessity or Fashion - Sept. 7th

    Sept. 7th, 2017, the conference, "Alcoholism: Harm, Necessity or Fashion," was held at MRU. The conference was financed by funds from the State Health Strengthening Fund. MRU is a conference partner.

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  • imgp4011

    Law Faculty Team Preparing to Host New TV Show, "Culture Court"

    From this fall, MRU's Law Faculty team is preparing to host a new television show, "Culture Court" (Kultūros teismas). The television show will be hosted by Law Faculty Prof. Snieguolė Matulienė. Lithuanian Bar Association Chairman Prof. Ignas Vėgėlė is a show partner.

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  • imgp6058

    Vice-Rector Dr. Žalėnienė Welcomed New Crop of International Students

    Aug. 29th, 2017, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Vice-Rector for Research and Education Dr. Inga Žalėnienė welcomed a new crop of almost 200 international Erasmus+ and exchange students from more than 30 countries. In addition, 150 international Bachelor's and Master's Degree students began studies at MRU this week. Many students come from Ukraine (68) followed by France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

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  • daiva-penkauskiene-gina-disertacija-1515

    Daiva Penkauskienė Recognized for Best Dissertation 2016

    The Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers (LJMS) has announced that MRU PhD-holder Daiva Penkauskienė's 2016 dissertation, "Proven Experience of Reflection of Learning in University Bachelor's Degree Studies" is the best doctoral dissertation in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences. There were a total of 11 dissertations recognized in various scientific areas.

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  • schultzx

    U.S. Prof. Schultz: Republicans Learn Governing is Hard

    U.S. politics expert and Hamline University Prof. David Schultz, says that there is much to learn from the failure of the Republicans to repeal the U.S. Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) in the U.S. One of the most important is that governance is hard, says Prof. Schutlz, who is
    Editor of the Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE).

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