• kielstudents

    MRU Hosted Media Students from Kiel

    Fifteen students from the Media Faculty of the University Of Applied Sciences Of Kiel (Fachhochshule Kiel), Germany, are visiting Mykolas Romeris University. They are guests of MRU's Institute of Communication and are interested to learn more about modern information conflicts.

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  • 20191030125725

    Greek Student Makes His Own Yogurt, Bakes Bread When He's Not Studying

    Greek student Davis Giorgi is a researcher and interested in the behavior and actions of people. Coming to Vilnius for his Master’s, he has been observing and studying the inhabitants. He has been shocked by the different varieties of alcohol, and the strong spirits, that are sold in supermarkets.

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  • gruzinemariami2019

    Sakartvelo Student Learned Lithuanian by Reading Poetry, Fairy Tales

    Despite disabilities, Sakartvelo native Mariami Silagadze came to Lithuania as a volunteer, learned Lithuanian and now studies in the Master's Social Work with Children and Youth programme at MRU. If Mariami worried what others thought about her disabilities due to cerebral palsy, she may have never ended up in Vilnius. Whether hitchhiking to Berlin, or working in Lithuania, she says that she’s an example that it’s possible to overcome childhood physical disabilities and to be successful.

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  • mexicomanuel

    Mexican Pastry Chef Gave Up Baking to Fulfill Dream of Living, Studying in Europe

    Student Manuel Palacios from Mexico City gave up a profitable bakery business in the heart of Mexico City to study and live in Vilnius. Having some German ancestry (his great grandmother was Elher), he felt the desire to leave his native Mexico and live in Vilnius, Lithuania. "I know that there is something here in Europe that is for me. I feel it,“ says the artistic, piano-playing student. He is now pursuing a Bachelor‘s Degree in Informatics and Digital Contents at Mykolas Romeris University.

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  • imgp9617

    Student From China is Huge Basketball Fan

    Not only Lithuanian basketball fans are glued to TV screens watching the Basketball World Cup in China that is now underway, but also Chinese student Feng Yuchen, 18, who is a big basketball fan. Feng is studying in the Financial Industry Bachelor’s Degree programme. He dreams one day of traveling to the U.S. to watch a Los Angeles Lakers Game and see the star player, LeBron James.

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  • imgp9462

    Romanian Student Begins Internship at MRU Security LAB

    August 22nd, 2019 Romanian Master's Degree student Camelia Matache, studying international relations at the University of Bucharest, arrived on campus to begin an Erasmus+ internship at MRU's Security LAB. Her 2-month internship will end on October 31st.

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  • dsc00067

    Nigerian Master's Student Recommends Studying in Social Policy Pgm

    Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Master's Degree Nigerian student Julius Adekunle recently returned from Nigeria, where he saw his newly-born son, Oluwatosin (God is enough to serve). A student in the joint Comparative Social Policy & Welfare programme, he's spent a semester at Finland's Tampere University, a partner in the programme. I'm very satisfied with the programme and lecturers are fantastic, he said. He singled out MRU Assoc. Prof. Justinas Sadauskas and Assoc. Prof. Alina Petrauskienė as some of the best and most helpful lecturers.

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  • imgp9453

    Two Friends from Sakartvelo at MRU's Summer Univ

    July 22nd, 2019, two friends from Tbilisi, Sakartvelo, started to attend the MRU Summer University 2019 held on the University's campus."The food is good, the lectures great. We are enjoying our time here," said 22-year-old Anano Jaoshvili, a Public Administration student from Sakartvelo. Her friend, 21-year-old Ana Bakhsoliani agrees. A future marketing guru, Ana said she enjoyed the July 23rd lecture on Creativity and the session on colours.

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  • 6544516623130179021151351160431194794360832n

    Turkish Students Begin Erasmus+ Internship at MRU

    June 26th, 2019, two students from Turkey began a 3-month internship at MRU's Communication Institute. Ferhat Tokyürek 22, and Mustafa Alim Eroğlu, 22 are Political Science and Public Administration students at Turkey's Hacettepe University.

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  • imgp9056

    Polyglot Student From France: Be Thankful for All You Have

    History buff, polyglot student Fabien Peris, 31, from France had "no expectations" before coming to Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Vilnius to undertake an internship at the Communication Institute. "What is happening for the first month I'm here is a lot of good surprises," said the La Rochelle Master's Degree student. Although Lithuania's work culture differs from France's, the student said he is learning lots and his knowledge of Russian helps him get around Vilnius and while shopping.

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  • imgp8484

    Student from France: I'm Privileged to Have Such Conditions for Study

    Student Anyssa Fatmi, from Bordeaux, France is studying in the double diploma programme, EU Law and Governance with Bordeaux's University. She said open, helpful and competent lecturers and small class size, rare in France, is what makes the programme attractive. "I am privileged to have such conditions for studying," said the 25-year-old student. She has also been undertaking an internship in the International Office (IO) and from July 1st will be a staff member of the IO.

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  • imgp8789

    Two Childhood Friends in Love with Law & MRU

    Two students from Georgia - Mariam Oragvelidze and Salome Kacalidze are friends since kindergarten. They came to MRU from Batumi and are studying in MRU's Law Master's Degree programme, "European Union Law and Governance." They plan to graduate next year.

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