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2014-01-27 00:00:15

Vice-Rector Brakauskas: MRU's Always First with Innovations & e-Money

brakauskasv Jan. 27th, 2014, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Vice-Rector for Infrastructure Vladas Brakauskas told "Žinių radijas" radio about the use of the Mokipay non-cash system on campus, which has just about replaced coins and banknotes.

"It's something very modern," Vice-Rector Brakauskas said explaining the Mokipay system, which is used in MRU's cafeteria, Library cafe, canteen and even in the Library to pay off fines.

Although it is still possible to use cash to pay for food, snacks and coffee on campus, it is about 30% cheaper to use the Mokipay card.

Vice-Rector Brakauskas said although some students were skeptical about the new system, over time they have become accustomed and the critics have become avid users of the system.

Last year, the electronic payment system MokiPay was fully implemented at MRU's campus, pushing out paper money and Litai coins. MRU became the first institution of higher education to implement the system.

"Our University has the tendency everywhere to be first," Brakauskas said speaking of the modern e-Money system.