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Veidas Magazine: Law Faculty Assoc. Prof. Gutauskas is One of MRU's Best Lecturers

gutaumazint November 8th, the weekly magazine "Veidas" reports that Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Law Faculty Assoc. Prof. Aurelijus Gutauskas is one of the best lecturers at MRU and a favourite of students. Gutauskas, 38, is known for his interesting "Organized Crime" and Crimininal Law lectures, which produce packed auditoriums and lecture halls no matter what time the lecture.

"Veidas" also mentioned MRU Law Faculty Criminal Law & Criminology Lecturer Tomas Girdenis as worthy of note. Girdenis was chosen in a student survey in 2010 by MRU students as a lecturer that fosters academic ethics, integrity and honesty in the academic sphere.