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2018-04-24 00:00:06

Student From Turkey: Studying Abroad, Dream Come True

2477523317209883645873273688298238034316984n Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) student Aysenur Ozcan from Turkey has lots of plans, but for now is immersed in Bachelor's Degree Psychology studies.

"MRU is very international," says the 20-year-old student from Izmir who left 3 brothers and 1 sister in Turkey to pursue studies at MRU.

She says the lecturers are great, "the system is good and the university is new and fresh."

Ozcan said she wants to travel, meet new people and learn Lithuanian even more.

"I'm learning English. I also want to learn Lithuanian language, but this language is very difficult," she said.

A friend recommended that she study at MRU and now she says that she is "happy here. I wanted to go and my family supported me," she added about studying in Vilnius. "It was a dream," Ozcan said.

She lauded Psychology Lecturers Arvydas Kuzinas whom she said "is very good" and Lecturer Ingrida Gabrialavičiūtė. She said that Gabrialavičiūtė "loves her topic (Psychological Testing) and it shows."

There are many activities for students including seminars and conferences on campus.

While at MRU, she has met and made many international friends from Spain, Russia, Italy, Lithuania and Slovakia.

Also, she has found time not only for studies, but to visit France, Poland and Latvia.

"I really want to travel, experience new cultures and maybe go to Africa, Asia."

After graduation from MRU at the end of 2019 she hopes to study for her Master's in Clinical Psychology. She doesn't yet know where, but mentions Canada as a possibility.

For now she wants to make the most of her time at MRU.

"Lithuanian people are very respectful. People here are cold and not very open," she added. But, when you become friends, it's good. I like people who smile," said the Turkish student who never stops smiling herself.