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2013-02-02 00:00:22

Slovak Graduate: Lots of Opportunities to Study Free in Lithuania

slvkjurajkunak February 2nd, the Lithuanian daily newspaper, "Lietuvos Rytas" devoted a full-page to an interview with MRU Law Faculty graduate Juraj Kunak from Slovakia. He graduated Feb. 1st with a Master's Degree after completing the "EU Law and Governance" programme.

This joint Master's Degree programme, implemented by France's Montesquieu University - Bordeaux IV and the Law Faculty of MRU, is conducted in English.

Kunak, who speaks not only Lithuanian but also Arabic, said studies at MRU paved the way for him to land a job in the European Commission in Brussels where he will work in the Directorate General for Education and Culture from March 1st.

In the interview, 24-year-old Kunak says that he first came to Lithuania to study Lithuanian language. While in Vilnius, he found out about Erasmus studies and decided to spend an Erasmus semester at MRU.

"I liked the fact that in Lithuania there are so many possibilities to study and you can do that for free," he said. "It would be harder to do that in Western countries, and, in addition, you would have to pay more for a dorm or an apartment," he said.

He said that in Slovakia not much is known about Lithuania.

"When I told my friends that I am going to study in Lithuania, no one knew where Lithuania was," he said. "Lithuanians really know more about Slovakia, because they go there to ski," he added.

He said that he made many friends in Vilnius and leaves about 50 of them, when he heads for Brussels. But he and his Lithuanian girlfriend plan to return to Vilnius at least once a year.

His favourite city in Europe is the Lithuanian resort town of Nida on the Curonian Spit. "It is unbelievably beautiful there...and the sea for me is a true miracle," said the Slovak coming from a country full of unbelievably spectacular mountains - the High Tatras.

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