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2020-06-19 00:00:01

Scholarships for Azeri, Argentinian, Brazilian, Colombian & Kazakh Students

download Students from Azerbaijan, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Kazakhstan are invited to apply for scholarships to have the first year of tuition at Mykolas Romeris University waived. You can apply July 7th-August 10th, 2020 during the extended admissions period. 

Students from other countries should check the scholarship list below and apply. Come study in the heart of Europe!

Students eligible for the first year tuition waiver are citizens or permanent residents of: the Republic of Colombia, Federative Republic of Brazil, Argentine Republic, Republic of Azerbaijan and Republic of Kazakhstan who are applying for undergraduate (Bachelor degree) studies at Mykolas Romeris University. 

The scholarship covers the first year of tuition at Mykolas Romeris University for Bachelor's Degree studies. 

Tuition fee waivers will be awarded to the best applicants based on competitive grades and other academic achievements. 

Other scholarships available include: State scholarships, MRU partial tuition scholarships, Scholarships for Kazakh students, MRU Senate Scholarships, State Scholarships for Short-term Studies and others. 

Details and the full list of scholarships is here

More information about applying admissions here:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MRU also offers the possibility to begin studies remotely online.


What is online/distance learning?

It is a study procedure when classes are held online and students do not need to be present on campus.

When and how will I have to confirm my decision to study online for the first semester?

All admitted students will be contacted by their Faculty managers and will have to confirm whether they are arriving in Vilnius from September or choosing to start the studies online and arrive from the 2nd semester.

If I arrive in Vilnius, will I be able to join classes on Campus?

Yes, all the classes* will be held on Campus and students who arrived in Vilnius will be able to join. (*Classes of European Union Law and Governance study programme will be held only online)

When does the 1st and 2nd semesters begin and finish?

1st Semester (Autumn semester) duration: Sept. 1st, 2020 - Jan. 24th, 2021.
2nd Semester (Spring semester) duration:  Feb. 1st, 2021 - June 27th, 2021.

When will I receive more information about distance learning (instructions, schedule, access details, etc.)?

Two weeks before the start of the 1st semester all admitted students will receive an informational package including the schedule, instructions and details on how to proceed with distance studies.

On which platform will the distance learning activities be proceeded? How to join it? Do I need specific software or to download an APP?

The main platform for classes will be Moodle. However, platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. might be used as well according to the needs and agreements of a specific group and professors. Together with the schedule, students will receive detailed information about the platforms, how to access it and use in the learning process.

What do I need in order to ensure a smooth distance-learning process?

  • Computer with proper technical state
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Properly-working video and audio equipment: video camera, microphone, headphones, speakers
Will I be able to review the recorded lectures after the online/broadcasted class?

Yes, there will be recordings of the classes broadcasted. However, the professors will be able to designate a time frame for availability of the recording. Please note that only lectures will be recorded.

What is the duration of a seminar/lecture?

1,5 hours.

Will I have access to MRU's e-Library?

Yes, you will.

How will I take the exams?

The exams will be held online in 2 ways:
  • By using conference online tools (e.g. BigBlueButton) which allows the professor to see the student and student's computer screen during the examination
  • By receiving and completing the exam tasks on the virtual study environment Moodle
Precise details on examinations will be provided by the Professor before the exam.

Will I have a chance to meet my group mates online?

Yes, your programme director will organise an online meeting of a group in the beginning of the study year. A group will also have a joint e-mail account for easy communication.

What if the time zones of my country and Lithuania are completely different?

The classes will be broadcast according to Lithuanian time. However, students will be able to get a recording of it. Those who will not be able to connect to the classes on time due to their country the zone will be able to discuss the issue with professors who will do their best to ensure access to the recordings and arrange an individual consultation/exam time.

Can I arrive in Vilnius in the middle of the 1st semester or do I need to wait for the start of the 2nd semester?

Yes, you can arrive in Vilnius during the 1st semester.

What if I start my studies online for the 1st semester or do I need to wait for the start of the 2nd semester?

In this case, you would have to terminate your studies after the 1st semester. You would receive the 2nd semester tuition fee refund and would be issued an academic transcript confirming that you have completed a semester of blended learning at MRU. For more questions regarding your legal stay in Lithuania, you can contact MRU Student Support Manager by e-mail: student.

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Admission Procedure
WhatsApp +370 662 260-81

Student Support (non-academic enquiries)
Tel. +370 5 2714-578