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2013-01-02 00:00:01

Rector Prof. Pumputis: Results of Lack of Education Appear in 15-20 Years

pumputis09 January 2nd, the weekly news magazine "Veidas" published an article on higher education in which MRU Rector Prof. Alvydas Pumputis is quoted on the need for Lithuania to have more university graduates.

Last year's European Commission Communique contains a provision stating that by 2020, 40% of European Union citizens will be required to have university diplomas.

Rector Prof. Pumputis says that it's possible to invest money elsewhere and not in educating your citizens, but the results of lack of education will appear after 15-20 years.

"How, will Lithuania appear, in comparison, with Asia?" he asks.

"What will we offer the world, how to defend ourselves? We can only defend ourselves by wise policy and intelligence," Rector Pumputis states.

He said that the country's strength lies in the education of people.