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2017-11-09 00:00:02

Public Management Tendencies in EU Discussed at Conference

stasiukynasconf Nov. 8th, 2017, the 4th Public Management Conference, "Public Management Tendencies in the European Union (EU) Context," was held at Lithuania's Ministry of Interior.

MRU Assoc. Prof. Andrius Stasiukynas, one of the organizers of the conference, said that from the restoration of Lithuania's Independence, the concept of modernization of public management has taken hold. In the context of reforms, it is often understood as the development of not only innovation and technology, but also good practice experience from Western European countries.

Participants of the conference sought to answer a question - how to choose the most appropriate public management instruments, said Assoc. Prof. Stasiukynas.

Mykolas Romeris University, the Ministry of Interior and academics from the Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy were conference organizers.