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2019-01-18 00:00:02

Psychology Students Faced Culture Shock in Canada

Dec. 30th, 2018, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Psychology students Meda Vaitonytė and Aistė Alysaitė returned from Canada's St. Mary's University in Halifax, where they spent a semester studying.

Both students said they experienced culture shock due to the different customs, weather, food and culture.

Most impressive were the hard-working, diligent Canadian students who studied continuously and were very concerned about getting a good grade. All students try to study and get excellent marks, Aistė noted. We didn't have that many free weekends to travel or for free time, she said as it was necessary to study.

"The differences ranged from simple daily things to bad food and lack of a social life," said Aistė.

Both students admitted that they cooked meals at home due to the bland-tasting Canadian food, but enjoyed fish occasionally. They said that they were counting the days until returning to Vilnius and planned the foods they would eat, once they arrived back in Lithuania.

"Our pizza and Canadian pizza is very different because the sauce is different in Canada and they add pineapple. There are no olives on pizza there," noted Media.

"Weather was also very different and made an impression," said Meda speaking about the wind and the ever-changing climate. "One day it is snowing, the next day it is raining, so you never know what to expect," added fellow student Aistė.

She said that the University was not very far from the port, so it was interesting to hear the horns of ships sailing into the harbour.

The nature and surrounding Prince Edward Island (PEI) were breathtaking and beautiful, they said. PEI is located about 120 miles north of Halifax.

Both students said it was great to make friends with many of the international students from China, Germany, the Caribbean countries as well as the Philippines who were students there.

The Psychology majors would definitely recommend studies in Canada saying it is a great "non-European" experience, but it is not a country where students should travel alone. We are glad that we went together, said Aistė.

Most shocking was the large portions of food in restaurants, especially stacks of pancakes served with delicious Canadian maple syrup.

Canadians are also very sports - oriented, so both girls attended ice hockey games.

As for souvenirs, they brought back a suitcase full of maple syrup, said Meda.

Both students are now again packing their bags and planning an Erasmus semester abroad at the Czech Republic's Masaryk University in Brno.