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2016-11-05 00:00:02

Prof. Pereira: Costly Mistake to Cut Down Trees on Gedimino Hill


November 5th, 2016, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Prof. Paulo Pereira Pereira told the Lithuanian daily "Lietuvos Rytas" it was a mistake to cut down trees on Gedimino Hill.

Soil erosion is now evident to the eye.

Prof. Pereira, who heads the Environmental Management Laboratory at MRU, said the tree roots held the soil.

The trees were priceless, said the 37-year-old research scientist who lectures on "Soil Management" and "Climate Change in Urban Areas."

Weather, especially rainy weather can impact and cause further erosion, he said.

"It is a place with much inclination, so the rain will impact on the soil surface, if not protected," Prof. Pereira explained. He said that the soil will then be transported downhill.

"It's stupid. It's absurd to cut the trees on the Hill and to have soil erosion," he said.

Planting trees now would also be a mistake. Prof. Pereira said the soil in the area needs to be stabilized first, before planting any new trees.

The maple trees on Gediminas Hill were chopped down in 2012.

The full "Lietuvos Rytas" article (in Lithuanian) is here.