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2013-10-24 00:00:02

Prof. Juozas Žilys Revealed Details of Birth of Lithuania's Constitution

zilysbook2012 Oct. 24th, the weekly newspaper, "Vilniaus Diena" published a full-page interview with Constitutional Law Prof. Juozas Žilys.

He discussed the formation and approval of Lithuania's Constitution, which was adopted by referendum on Oct. 25th, 1992, exactly 21 years ago.

Prof. Žilys said that this 1992 Constitution differs from earlier Constitutions in that it is very strict and difficult to change. He said that legal scholars were determined to create a Constitution, which would be in effect for a longer period of time and restricted in ungrounded efforts to change its contents.

In 1992 almost 57% of Lithuania's voters voted for the Constitution, thus Oct. 25th is commemorated each year as Constitution Day in Lithuania.