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2019-06-21 00:00:01

Prof. from Sudan: Learned More on Misconduct @ Plagiarism Conference

imgp8996 June 21st, Sudanese biochemist Prof. Dr. Muaawia Ahmed Hamza said he learned much at the "Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond" Conference held at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) June 19th-21st.

He was one of about 100 researchers and academics from more than 20 countries taking part in the event.

Now lecturing at the King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh, Dr. Hamza said he plans to return one day to Khartoum.

"The Conference gave me a lot of clues...different issues related to academic misconduct at some African countries," he said. A presentation by lecturers from Dubai on June 20th was especially interesting, he noted.

"There were very good speakers at the Conference," Dr. Hamza said.

He said people at MRU seemed "open-minded, liberal" and MRU's infrastructure is impressive due to its contemporary modern qualities.

The Conference was held at MRU from June 19th-21st.