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2017-04-21 00:00:04

Prof. Aistė Diržytė on Overcoming Stress Before Exams

dirzyte April 21st, 2017, MRU Prof. Aistė Diržytė discussed stress and how to overcome it before exams on the "Žinių radijas" radio programme, "Ekspertai patria" (Experts Advise).

Prof. Diržytė said that she has had to take many exams during her life and has learned how to deal with stress.

Getting enough sleep before the big day and applying a variety of exercises, including breathing, can help reduce stress.

She said it's important in life to try and do your best and then everything else doesn't depend on you.

"You have to try, put in the effort and work," she added.

Prof. Diržytė also said it's important for each person to think about the meaning of life. You have to answer this question for yourself, she said.

When you try, as much as possible and give it your all, then you are ready to accept that which life offers you, she explained.

There are also various exercises, including breathing exercises, that can be done to reduce stress. She cited the University of Berkeley web page as a good source of free information.

She also said that students should avoid using Smart phones and computers before going to bed. It can make it harder to fall asleep.

Prof. Diržytė is a member of MRU's Institute of Psychology.