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2020-09-04 00:00:01

Open Lectures - Asia's Community: Culture & New Media From Sept. 10th

mruglobe Sept. 10th, 2020, the first lecture of the open series of lectures, “Asian Community: Culture and New Media” was held at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU). Diplomat Violeta Gaižauskaitė, Ambassador-at-Large from the Latin America, Africa, Asia and Pacific Dept. from Lithuania‘s Foreign Affairs Ministry discussed ties and cooperation with Japan in her lecture, "100 Years of Relations Between Japan and Lithuania: Building a Partnership and Friendship."

The lecture series, open to all those interested, is held at MRU for the fourth year in a row. It is financed by the Eurasia Foundation (from Asia).

Lecturers from abroad including visiting professors Norio Suzuki (Japan), Rumiko Kurita (Japan), Andreas Schirmer (Czech Republic), Asuncion Lopez-Varela (Spain), and Seonbae Lim (U.S.) will present lectures. In addition, Asia cultural researches from Lithuania will present lectures including Prof. Konstantinas Andrijauskas, Assoc. Prof. Lora Tamošiūnienė, Assoc. Prof. Jusif Seiranov and others.

Lectures are financed by the Eurasia Foundation (from Asia) whose aim is to contribute to the elimination of conflicts around the world and the creation of a harmonious and peaceful society for all individuals. The Foundation acts, but maintains its neutral stance as a private organization, far from the influence of nations or any organizations.

The Foundation‘s supported lectures are a great opporltunity to become more closely acquainted with Asia‘s culture, communication peculiarities and to understand the differences allowing to further more effective cooperation perspectives.

Lectures will be held Thursdays from 14:30-17:45 hrs. In III-223 aud. Times and schedule may change. Due to the COVID-19 threat, most lectures will be held online.

For detailed information, registration and how to connect remotely please contact MRU Assoc. Prof. Gražina Čiuladienė at: