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2014-03-29 00:00:05

MRU Theatre Director Dautartas Recalls His Time in Panevėžys With Then Director Miltinis

dautartasgood March 29th, the daily newspaper, "Lietuvos Rytas," devoted 2-pages to an interview with MRU Theatre Director Julius Dautartas about the late Panevėžys Theatre Director Juozas Miltinis (1907-1994) and Miltinis' love affair with all things French and gourmet food, which was in short supply during the Soviet era.

Dautartas, who rehearsed and put on plays at the Panevėžys Theatre during Miltinis' reign, said Miltinis, as director and founder of the Panevėžys Theatre, had "the best conditions to foster a French lifestyle."

Miltinis had practically his own theatre and the entire food distribution system in Panevėžys was at his disposal.

Dautartas described one of the parties that Miltinis presided over with about 8 varieties of herring and two bottles of rare wine, which were drunk only by Miltinis himself along with some Czech beer. There were so many cold appetizers that they were tasted for some three hours.

There were also after-theatre parties, attended by Miltinis and the actors to celebrate an exceptonal performance, he noted.

The article also included several handwritten Miltinis recipes including one for beef burgundy, Clams "Melani" and Provence Sandwiches.

Miltinis, who studied in Paris and traveled extensively abroad during the 1930's was a larger than life figure for many decades when he headed the Panevėžys Theatre. His lavish lifestyle and love of good food may have been a response to the hardships he suffered growing up and as a youth, Dautartas said.

Since 2013 Dautartas has been the MRU Theatre Director. He is now directing student actors in the play, "Threshold of Life," based on Joshua Sobol's play, "Vilnius Ghetto."