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2018-01-25 00:00:01

MRU Student Narkutė Lauds Benefits of Georgia Internship

narkutegruzija2 Oct. - Dec. 2017, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) International & Intercultural Communication 3rd yr. student spent teaching Lithuanian as an intern at the Georgian Technical University's (GTU) Centre of Lithuanian Language and Culture.

"The 2-month stay in Tbilisi was extremely valuable and is different from being a tourist," said the student, who considers Georgia the land of her dreams.

It was an opportunity to grow and develop professional and personal skills as well as improve Georgian and Russian Language skills, she said. Narkutė has been studying Georgian language for the last 1,5 years at Vilnius University's Foreign Language Institute.

Being acquainted with Georgian customs and knowledge of Georgian language allowed me to quickly adapt and to learn much during the internship period. During my off hours I was able to meet local Georgians. While looking for an apartment, I had the opportunity to live with a Georgian family for 10 days. I also visited villages and met young children and adults and traveled, said Narkutė.

In the beginning of the internship, it took some time to get used to teaching as I did not have experience in this year. But I began the internship from more well-known areas such as communication in social networks, creation of ads, student registration. I also attended Prof. Vidas Kavaliauskas' lectures and soon learned to work with a Lithuanian language textbook. Professor is truly an inspiring educator and I am very grateful for his strictness as I learned so much. It was great to meet more advanced language students, who were already conversant in Lithuanian and actively take part in various activities encouraging closer ties between Georgia and Lithuania.

International internships are a great experience that allow one to grow, she noted. I met so many wonderful people and the hospitality of the Georgians is truly legendary. It was helpful to live in a country that is developing and is not part of the European Union (EU) and to see the differences in education systems as well as in other areas.

As a result, I now feel more motivated to continue my Georgian language studies, Narkutė said.

I am grateful to Mykolas Romeris University for this opportunity to go abroad for studies and to do my internship in Georgia. I think this is especially important in my area of studies, she said.