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2014-03-26 00:00:05

MRU Prof. Motieka On How Russia's Dividing Up Europe

motieka March 26th, 2014, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Political Science Institute Director Prof. Egidijus Motieka discussed how the Kremlin is dividing up Europe in an interview with the online news portal,

Prof. Motieka explained why Russia is not letting go of Ukraine and in part, the Baltic States. He said that such actions by Russia, in part, are possible because like some Western countries, Russia has a nuclear weapons arsenal.

He said that Ukraine is important because it is precisely here that the security zones of the West and Russia intersect. It is a sort of "Silk Road," he said.

Prof. Motieka also pointed out that if Russia would take some kind of action against the Baltic States, it would come face to face with the possibility of armed conflict and that, in the opinion of Motieka, Russia does not have the stomach for.

Prof. Motieka is a member of MRU's Faculty of Politics and Management and the Director of the Political Science Institute.