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2016-07-27 00:00:02

MRU Political Science Lecturer Urbonaitė on Upcoming Seimas Elections

rima-urbonaiteh465sh July 27th, 2016, MRU Political Sciences Institute Lecturer Rima Urbonaitė was interviewed by the Lithuanian daily "Lietuvos žinios" newspaper about the upcoming Seimas elections.

Urbonaitė discussed political parties, their leaders and their actions in the coming Seimas elections in Lithuania.

She said that a "strange" situation has emerged where politicians, instead of leading their Party in the upcoming elections, are choosing a "safe future."

Some Lithuanian political party leaders, who are serving in the European Parliament (EP), have chosen to remain there instead of becoming candidates in the Seimas election, she said.

Urbonaitė said the situation is strange when voters "see" one person in the public sphere, hailed as a political party leader, but when they get to the ballot box, they see a totally different person listed because the party leader has chosen to stay for example, in the EP.

"With such decisions, political party traditions in Lithuania will not be formed...." she said in the interview.

The full interview (in Lithuanian) is here: