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2013-12-14 00:00:02

MRU Poised to Shape the Future Says Malaysian Academic Prof. Razak


After a visit to Lithuania this month, former Vice-Chancellor of University Sains Malaysia Prof. Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, currently President of the Intl Association of Universities (IAU), said MRU is "poised to shape the future while preserving the country's national heritage in the name of diversity."

He detailed his travels in Vilnius and experiences at MRU in an online article Dec. 15th, 2013 in Malaysia's "New Straits Times" after visiting MRU Dec. 5th, where he was awarded an honorary degree.

The Malaysian academic was recognized at MRU for extraordinary achievements developing independent and democratic higher education, fostering internationalization and strengthening humanistic culture and freedoms supported by mutual university cooperation.

In the "New Straits Times" article Prof. Razak writes that although Malaysians ask him where Lithuania is on the map and although each nation "is literally poles apart," they have in common geographically that Lithuania is at the centre of Europe, while Malaysia is at the "heart" of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries.

He cited MRU as an example of "the changes" undergoing in Lithuania and praised the role of students in the University's governing process. MRU students sit on the Council and the University Senate.

"The role of students in the governance of the tertiary institution is consistent with the aims of the Bologna Process, namely nurturing undergraduates who are involved in institutional governance at all levels....This is the right move in developing a thorough personality in individuals while forming human values, professionalism...." wrote the Malaysian academic.

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Prof. Razak is the former Vice-Chancellor of University Sains Malaysia and the former Vice-Chancellor of Albukhary International University, Malaysia.