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2014-12-27 00:00:05

MRU Law Prof. Norkus Likely Youngest Supreme Court Chairman in EU

norkusct2012 Dec. 27th, 2014, the weekly newspaper, "Respublika" published a page-long interview with the newly-appointed Lithuania's Supreme Court Chairman MRU Prof. Rimvydas Norkus.

The article states that the 35-year-old Prof. Norkus is not only the youngest Court Chairman in Lithuania, but perhaps also the youngest in all of the European Union (EU).

In the full-page interview Norkus, who speaks 5 foreign languages, says that his age is neither an asset or a hindrance. He said that the competencies needed to become a judge do not necessarily depend on one's age.

"There's no negative feelings, I feel, from my colleagues because of my age," he told "Respublika" newspaper journalist Rūta Juknevičiūtė.

Dec. 18th, 2014, Prof. Norkus was appointed Chairman of the Supreme Court for a 5-year term following approval by the Seimas.

Prof. Norkus is a graduate of the Vilnius University Law Faculty. He defended his law doctoral dissertation at Mykolas Romeris University. He has been lecturing at MRU since 2003.

From September 1st, 2012, he is a professor in MRU's Law Faculty's Business Law Dept.

Prof. Norkus has studied in Germany's Bremen and Kiel Universities and conducted research in Switzerland's Lausanne, Germany's Bonn, and the U.K.'s Oxford universities.