International Students


MRU International Students Studying Remotely During Quarantine

imgp2078 As the second week of the quarantine period has come into force in Vilnius, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) students are continuing studies remotely on line from their dorms or apartments. Almost all miss classroom lectures, but say it’s a good time to spend more time reading and studying.

Psychology Bachelor’s Degree student Jihwang Wui from Seoul said he has been reading more especially books. When not studying, he said he is listening to music.

”I sometimes feel l’m contained in a jar of sardines during this period. But, I understand safety is the top priority during these days. I think Lithuania is doing a nice job controlling the disease,” he said.

Law student Jeiran Mamishova from Sakartvelo said most of all she misses being able to go to the Library, which is now closed to visitors. “I feel more productive at the Library, “ she said.

Fellow student Ya-Hsuan Liu from Taiwan said that misses going to the gym to work out because public facilities, gyms, sports halls are all closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Both Liu and Mamishova said they like to cook and also try to get some fresh air during the day by taking a walk in the park, near the University Student House.

Kenyan Psychology student Linah Kitui, who is spending an exchange semester at MRU from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, is spending more time inside studying or reading.

As lectures are now online, students don’t really need to go out to access their course material or lectures. Information is at their fingertips.