International Students

2018-03-19 00:00:02

MRU International Students (Barely) Coping with Cold, Sub-Zero Temps

dsc0161 As winter continues to grip Vilnius and the temperature drops to sub-zero temperatures, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) international students, especially from Africa, are having a difficult time coping with the cold.

With time, you get used to it some students say. Others are layering, and wearing knitted ski caps even indoors to fight the cold spells.

Social Work student Prince Opoku from Ghana said although he is in his final year of studies, he still falls sick during the winter. At the beginning of March, he was forced to go to the health clinic in Vilnius to get medicine, after he fell ill. He has warm clothing and layers, but still finds that it is too cold for comfort.

MRU international students Yaya Gafar Segun from Nigeria and Murad Karimli from Nakchivan, Azerbaijan wear knitted caps even indoor. Segun said that he has adjusted and even plays football outside during the winter months with fellow teammates.

Malaysian student Muhamad Firdaus Bin Jamil, who comes from the island of Penang where the temperature on average daily is about 30C, said it has been difficult, since he arrived at MRU at the end of January.

He had never seen snow before coming to Lithuania.

The extremely cold weather forced him to go to the Ozas shopping center to buy a winter jacket and gloves. He said he could have bought gloves in Malaysia, but they were twice as expensive as they are in Vilnius.

Vilnius and its cold weather take some getting used to, international students say.

Most important is to dress warm, layer, wear boots and a cap or a hat as well as gloves.