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2013-04-29 00:00:15

MRU Grad Student from Jamaica Despite Cold, Loves Lithuania

keishapersonal April 29th, the onlilne daily news portal published an interview with MRU graduate student Keisha LaRaine Ingram from Jamaica. She is majoring in e-Business Management at MRU.

She says that she was told about the bitter cold weather in Lithuania, but survived the winter and despite all has fallen in love with Lithuania.

Before coming, she said that she heard that Lithuania has the fastest Internet in Europe, unending amber supplies, laser technologies, and a developed e-Commerce sector.

Keisha says she's happy that she chose to study e-Business Management in Lithuania - at MRU.

She had planned to go to London, but it proved a strain on her pocketbook, but she chose to come to Vilnius, Lithuania instead where she found a great Master's Degree programme at MRU.

She said she has learned some phrases in Lithuania and this helps her when going about her daily life in Vilnius.

Comparing studies here and in Jamaica, she said studies at MRU are very well-developed and well-structured. In Jamaica, the atmosphere is more formal, unlike at MRU.

She also praised MRU professors saying that they know how to present information so that everyone will understand, despite cultural differences.

"In Jamaica, it was different, because there were not so many cultural differences," she added.

She said MRU's student dorm is cheaper than renting an apartment in Vilnius and you get to meet students from all over the world.

Her favourite dish at MRU's cafeteria is Kiev cutlet with potatoes and salad.

"I believe that life is what you make it," said Keisha with a big smile on her face.