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2013-08-19 00:00:09

MRU Dorms Singled Out As Among the Best in Lithuania


August 19th, the online news website reports in its article, "Dorms, Waiting for Students: What to Expect - Best and Worst" that MRU's dorm, Didlaukio g. 86, is among the best in Lithuania.

Kitchens with microwaves, fridges, new modern showers and washing machines on each floor are part of the amenities available at the MRU dorm, the article states.

There are about 500 students that live in the dormitory located almost directly across the street from the modern MRU Library.

Last year about 82% of students that wanted to live in MRU's dorm were assigned rooms in the dorm. Places in the dorm are awarded by a commission set up by the Faculty Dean. A student representative is part of the commission.

Students live in double rooms for a price of 160 Lt or triple for 130 Lt. International students pay about 58 Euros per month (200 Lt) for a place in the dorm.

Already students have begun commenting on the dorm article. One student writes that it's a long-held "open secret" that not only MRU's dorms, but all of the MRU infrastructure is convenient for students.

To see the full dorm article in Lithuanian and for dorm photos by K. Čachovskis, go to