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2012-07-23 00:00:32

MRU Assoc. Prof. Bagdanskis Discussed Work Contracts & Labour Law

bagdanskis2012 July 23rd, MRU Assoc. Prof. and attorney Tomas Bagdanskis disccused employment contracts and labour law during the "Žinių radijas" programme, "Benefits and Costs" (Naudos ir sąnaudos).

The labour contract is an agreement between employer and worker. The content of the labour contract stipulates conditions of the agreement and outlines each party's rights and obligations.

Bagdanskis, an attorney specializing in labour law, discussed various aspects of the Labour Code and putting together a labour agreement.

The radio programme was prepared by "Žurnalistika kitaip," in conjunction with the non-formal education organization, "School of Success" (Sėkmės mokykla).

Bagdanskis is an Assoc. Prof. in MRU's Law Faculty's Department of Labour Law and Social Security.