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2020-01-14 00:00:02

Master's Degree Students in Milan Bicocca Univ Jan. 19th-26th


Jan.19th-26th, 2020, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Educational Sciences and Social Work Institute Assoc. Prof. Alina Petrauskienė led a 4-member team of researchers and Master's Degree students to Milan's Bicocca University for an intensive workshop on Child Care.

Three MRU Master's Degree students and MRU Assoc. Prof. Jolanta Pivorienė were at Milan's Biccoco University as part of an international Erasmus project, Empowering Residential Child Care Through Interprofessional Training (ERCCI). There are 5 European universities in the project including Germany's University of Kassel, Spain's Oveido University, Finland's Turku University of Applied Sciences, Milan's University of Bicocca and MRU.

One of the Master's Degree students is Social Work with Children and Youth programme student Mariami Silagadze from Tbilisi, Sakartvelo.

The project, which continues thru 2021, will facilitate creation of materials to help employees working in the child care field.