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2018-10-10 00:00:02

Lecture: Atomic Bombings from the Viewpoint of Nagasaki - Oct. 11-12th

shutterstock66992410 Oct. 11th, 12th, 2018, from 16:20-17:50, and 18:00-19:30 hrs., in MRU's I-414 aud., Prof. Dr. Akira Kimura will deliver a series of lectures: Seeking a Common Understanding on Issues of Atomic Bombings: From the Viewpoint of Nagasaki. 

The lecture is part of the One Asia lecture series that is being held on campus this fall semester. 

Kimura is a Professor at Japan's Kagoshima University. His research interests include the problem of the Atomic Bombing of Japan by USA in August 1945. He studied in the East Asian Community and Okinawa, as well. He is now the Co-chairman of the Academic Society of the East Asian Community. 

He has written many books about the problem of the Okinawa and the East Asian Community. 

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