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2013-01-05 00:00:04

Law Prof. Vaišvila Discusses What Lithuania's Legal System Lacks

vaisvila January 5th, the daily newspaper "Respublika" interviewed MRU Law Faculty Prof. Alfonsas Vaišvila about the state of Lithuania's legal system.

Prof. Vaišvila said the system has "serious problems" and there are 2 main reasons for this.

One is the desire to promptly file and resolve lawsuits and the second is the Criminal Code, which is limited to a point, he says.

It is not always clear, what can be regarded as evidence and what can not.

There is also the unclear provision in the Criminal Code, which states that lawsuits need to be resolved within "a reasonably short time."

"No one knows what that means," says Prof. Vaišvila. One investigator can interpret this to mean that he can conduct an investigation for a year and another thinks a month is enough.

Vaišvila is a professor in MRU's Law Faculty in the Department of Philosophy of Law and Legal History.