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2013-08-03 00:00:03

Law Faculty Professors Agree on Need for Constitution Day Holiday

zilysjuozasprof August 3rd, the daily newspaper, "Respublika," published an interview with several Law Faculty professors regarding the newly-published 1004-page Constitution book, which contains Lithuania's Constitution translated into 13 languages.

The "Respublika" newspaper reporter interviewed MRU Law Faculty Prof. Juozas Žilys, MRU Institute of Constitutional and Administrative Law Director Prof. Milda Vainiūtė and Law Prof. Vytautas Sinkevičius.

All three MRU professors agree that October 25th, the day when Lithuania's Constitution was adopted by referendum, should be commemorated as a national holiday.

Prof. Žilys had no doubt that Constitution Day should not only be marked, but celebrated as a national holiday in Lithuania.

MRU Law Prof. Sinkevičius agreed that the Constitution is the foundation of the country.

"You need not only to have this document, but also to live it," Prof. Sinkevičius told "Respublika" reporter Miglė Širinskaitė in an interview. "It is the first Constitution - valid the longest in our country," he said.

MRU Institute of Constitutional and Administrative Law Director Prof. Milda Vainiūtė said she believed that in the not so far future, the green light will be given so that October 25th will be marked as a national Constitution Day holiday.

In July 2013, MRU published a unique 1004-page book containing the translations of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania into 13 languages including Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.

Law Prof. Žilys wrote the foreword to the book. It contains translations of the Constitution into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Estonian, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania was adopted on October 25th, 1992 by referendum and came into force November 2nd, 1992, after results of the referendum proved positive.

Photos: Vidūnas Gelumbauskas