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2018-03-03 00:00:03

Japanese Designer Tomita on Kimono Traditions - March 13th

maikokimono March 13th, 16:30 hrs., in MRU's I-201 aud., there will be a presentation by Japanese designer Nobuaki Tomita and lecture on the Kimono.

Tomita, a designer from Kyoto, is known for producing a kimono dyed with chocolate in 2016 to mark the 150th anniversary of Japan's diplomatic relations with Italy, a chocolate producing country.

It took Nobuaki Tomita about 4 years to make the unique silk garment — a white robe with chocolate-colored foliage scrolls and a sash.

Then the Japanese designer had help from partners in Italy and it took about 100 attempts before he got the result he wanted.

To meet Tomita and learn more about the Kimono, come to the lecture. All invited.